New study says alcohol doesn’t have any health benefits for consumers. Do you agree?

Health benefits of wine called into question
Health benefits of wine called into question by new study

Just when you may have thought that the debate on the health benefits of drinking alcohol had been put to rest, it has flamed up once more. A new study concludes that no amount of alcohol consumption is safe for overall health, yes no amount of alcohol consumption at all. The strongly worded study has not surprsingly left some experts unconvinced.

Public health officials have long believed that moderate drinking (as defined as upto a drink per day for women and upto two per day for men) probably won’t hurt anyone who already drinks and may in fact confer some benefits too. This is the standard written into the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and is supported by organizations including the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society. It is a prevelant view that the editors at Sommelier India have endorsed too – drink in moderation (in our case wine specifically) if you’re of age and it’ll provide you with some specific health benefits. However, a new paper published in The Lancet, calls that long-held conclusion into question.

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