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Join the growing list of advertisers who have built brand awareness and increased sales by advertising in Sommelier India – The Wine Magazine. The advertisers have included companies like The Dubai Duty-Free, HP Computers, Big Banyan Wines, Reveilo Wines, Sopexa, Ethos Watches, Seagram’s Nine Hills, SDA Bocconi, Bouvet Ladubay, Brancaia, The Oberoi Group of Hotels and Grover Vineyards.

Visit the background page for more information on Sommelier India. As a privately owned publication with an independent editorial team and without any commercial ties to importers, producers, hotels, or wine shows, the magazine is recognized as an authoritative, unbiased, professional and world-class publication.

Why Advertise?
1. Sommelier India directly reaches thousands of affluent and influential individuals and members of the wine trade through its print publication (published 4 times a year) and online (stories published as they are reported). The publication is distributed in major Indian and international cities that have high Indian populations and is available retail and via subscription where the readership is a 3X. It is also available in the hotel suites of select hotels around the country. Established in 2005, the online blog reaches wine drinkers around the world and is emailed to readers as well. All advertisements appearing in print, appear online too.

2. Sommelier India readers are focused on continuously improving the quality of their lives by purchasing, collecting and investing in the best that the world has to offer. These readers travel extensively for work and pleasure and are focused on experiencing the finer things in life. They are typically high net-worth individuals based in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Sydney, and Dubai. They are connoisseurs, collectors, business leaders, and senior hospitality professionals.

3. Sommelier India readers are serious about wine and wine-related interests. By choosing a subscription to India’s only publication dedicated to wine and wine tasting, these readers are making a statement about their interest in wine. They want to learn more but want to do so from a reputable, independent, and professional publication. These readers also demonstrate an interest in the finer things in life whether it be high-end cars, watches, perfumes, jewelry, fashion, and fine dining.

4. Sommelier India’s launch coincided with an increased interest in wine across the country. Consumption is increasing at a rate of 20%-30% annually. More consumers are purchasing, drinking, and attending wine-related activities across the country. Every day and every hour more people subscribe to Sommelier India. In fact, several wine clubs in India have bulk subscriptions as do an increasing number of professional organizations.

5. Sommelier India matches the standards and lifestyles of its discerning readership by publishing lifestyle features by leading wine and food writers around the world. This magazine is also the only print publication in India dedicated to wine and wine lovers. Associating with Sommelier India means associating with a premium brand.

6. Sommelier India partners with the best including leading wine exhibitions such as Wine for Asia, Extravaganza, India Wine Challenge, IFOWS, the India International Wine Fair and Krishi. It also partners with leading hotels in India to extend its reach and be at the places where its readers are. Sommelier India and its editors have been featured in the Times of London, the Financial Times, India Today, Outlook Magazine, and TimeOut magazine among others. The publishers have also appeared on TV Channels in India and abroad discussing wine consumption and representing wine drinkers.

Some of Sommelier India’s institutional subscribers from the hospitality industry include members of the Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Association of India, The Apeejay Institute of Hospitality, The Hotel & Catering Management Institute, The ITC WelcomGroup Management Institute, Mashal School of Hotel Management, NIPS School of Hotel Management, National Restaurant Association of India, and S. Nijalingappa College.

Sommelier India Principles
As a consumer publication targeting Indians around the world, the magazine’s mission is to bring the best wine writing to its readers so that they are informed and educated about wine and the pleasures of a healthy wine lifestyle.

1. The magazine is an editorially independent publication with no business ties to any other publication in India or abroad.

2. The magazine and its publishers are not in any wine business other than the publishing of Sommelier India. We do not produce, distribute, sell, or represent wines or wine accessories.

3. As a media company, the magazine’s revenue streams are primarily through subscriptions, advertising, and advertorials. The publishers and editors do not consult or advise companies, restaurants, or individuals.

4. The magazine is financially independent and has no commercial ties to any other company, trade organization, or community.

5. The magazine has a loose group of unpaid advisors who advise the publication. These advisors do not direct or influence the editorial of each issue.

6. The views expressed in the publication and on the blog are the writers’ own and not necessarily those of the publishers or editors.

Government Restrictions on Advertising
While direct liquor advertisements are not allowed in India, lifestyle or brand advertisements that depict vineyards or the lifestyle and culture surrounding the wine are allowed. There are also no restrictions on promotions and advertorials both of which are options to advertisers.