Kim Jones designs a couture inspired decanter for Hennessy

In a unique collaboration with Hennessy Cognac, well-known English fashion designer Kim Jones has designed Hennessy X.O, a unique, sculptural decanter, using 3D printing technology. Meticulously finished by hand, a specially developed titanium casing twists around the bottle like a robe, inspired by the tissue paper used to wrap bottles of Hennessy cognac at the turn of the 20th century. The decanter has gradient colours, reflecting the shades of the different eaux-de-vie selected by the master blender to create Hennessy X.O. The actual bottle presented in its aluminum holder is standard and entirely obscured from view, but the Cognac can be drawn out by a fusil (pictured). Created “like a piece of bespoke couture for a bottle”, the striking Hennessy X.O Masterpiece is limited to just 200 pieces.

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