Choosing wine for your cellar

What should you keep in mind as you decide whether the Bordeaux 2007s are worth buying? Or for that matter, when you are buying any wine to grow your cellar? There are three key factors that are most important. Firstly, the wine needs to have a proven track record of holding well over time. Read more… aging1.jpg

You need to research the winemaker’s wines. Also look at wines from that appellation to learn how they have passed the test of time. Pick up a book on wine or ask friends who are wine connoisseurs about specific winemakers. You’ll quickly learn which ones have a strong track record.

Secondly, you must pay attention to the drinking window plateau. This is extremely important. The longer the period, the better it is for the wine. In other words, the longer the wine is mature and approachable, the better it is. Why do some wines age more than others? Mostly its because of the tannins.

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