Ziya at The Oberoi Mumbai adds new zing to its menu

Ziya.jpgZiya, the contemporary Indian restaurant at The Oberoi, Mumbai, has introduced a special menu to mark the end of the year. The innovative “Z” menu by twice Michelin-starred chef, Vineet Bhatia, is inspired by the last letter of the alphabet, to be served in the last month of the year. The promotion runs from Tuesday, the 11th of December to Sunday, the 16th.

In Chef Bhatia’s inventive take, every dish on the special menu starts with the letter “Z”. The first course is Zafran or Saffron Shorba, Charmagaz Marbles and Naan Malai Bruschetta. Next comes a choice of fish, mutton or cottage cheese, with Zucchini Bekti Bengal Gram Masala or Zucchini Korma and Zucchini Chilli Paneer.
With your palate primed, you can then opt for Zattar Chicken Tikka or Zattar Saag Corn Seekh with Punjabi Paratha and Papaya Chutney followed by Zeera or Cumin Lamb Pasanda, Rice Gattas, Cumin Potatoes and Lamb Jus. The alternative is Zeera Aubergine Gujiya, Rice Gattas, Cumin Potatoes, and Panch‐Phoran tomato sauce.
After these delectable dishes, comes death by chocolate, with Zeher, Mocha Coffee‐Chilli Choco Cheesecake with Cookie Kulfi and Sesame Butter Truffle. You would do well not to zip through Chef Bhatia’s menu, but savour every flavour because this is the master’s last word for the year!
As for the wine, choose a fresh, crisp Chardonnay or Chenin Blanc, or even better, a good Indian rosé such as the Sula Blush Zinfandel or the Nine Hills Shiraz Rosé that did so well in The Great Indian Wine Tasting organised by Sommelier India in November. In order to really enjoy the pairing, make sure the wine is well chilled.
Ziya - Tandoori Salmon 2.jpgThe beautifully appointed Ziya is a contemporary Indian restaurant offering “evolved Indian cuisine” with Chef Vineet Bhatia as the presiding genius. You can order other dishes as well from its extensive a la carte menu. The dishes are in keeping with the traditional culinary flavours of the sub-continent but are rendered in a modern, contemporary style. Pictured: Traditional tandoori style salmon
The culinary experience at Ziya is a reflection of Chef Bhatia’s understanding and passion for fine Indian flavours spiked with his desire to innovate and explore. As a result, dining at Ziya becomes a culinary adventure combined with elegant, impeccable service.
Lunch: 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm
Dinner: 7.30 pm to 11.30 pm
For reservations call: +91 22 6632 6210

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