Wondering about Perfect Pairings?

The Wall Street Journal asked Aman Sharma of the Taj Group what wine pairs well with rich Punjabi food. His response – Reislings because they are fresh with high acidity. He felt that the Kabinett level wines specifically are a good match and that the sweet Rieslings pair well with deserts. For savory vegetable dishes such as palak paneer, he suggests Sauvignon Blanc. chana.jpg

He also recommended avoiding wines with high alcohol content as they exacerbate the heat in your mouth and also full-bodied red wines with complex structure because they add to the confusion.
And what about chana masala? Mr. Sharma recommends a light fruity red like a Beaujolais or a Valpolicella to complement the earthiness of the chickpeas. What do you think? Tell us how you pair wine with Indian food.
Kabinett, in the German wine classification system, is the lowest level of QmP wine, lower in ripeness than Spätlese. These are fully ripened grapes, typically picked in September, and are usually made in a light style. They may be sweet (lieblich), dry (trocken) or off dry (halbtrocken). They are generally not wines that are aged for long (usually not exceeding 10 years). Kabinetts are very “food friendly” and are often enjoyed as a casual dinner wine. Alcoholic content is not allowed to exceed the level of 12.7 %.

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