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Assessing wine.JPGIt was “tasting” time at the Westin Pune Koregaon Park in Pune that recently hosted the “Wines of India” event, a platform for prominent Indian wineries to showcase wines at a blind tasting. Brinda Gill reports. Pictured, left: Wine producers and others gathered to assess Indian wines

The ten participating wineries were: Four Seasons, Fratelli, Grover-Zampa, Kiara Wines, Nine Hills, Reveilo, Sula, Turning Point, Vallonné Vineyards and York.
“We are very happy to host this first-of-its kind event at The Westin Pune Koregaon Park,” said Sujeet Kumar, General Manager, The Westin Pune. “The hotel already has a great wine program to promote wine appreciation. Pune is a city that appreciates wine and good food, and through the Wines of India experience we hope to be able to further engage with our guests. We would like to work with Indian wineries and promote Indian wines. And this experience is a wonderful way of achieving that as well as increasing awareness and knowledge of wines and of drinking responsibly.”
There were separate counters serving tasting portions of Rosé, Cabernet Blends, Cabernet Sauvignon strong>Shiraz, Merlot and Blends, Dessert Wines, Sparkling Wines, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and Reserves; the bottles were concealed with cloth bottle covers / the wines were poured into label-less, numbered plain wine bottles. Platters of cheese and olive as well as a bread basket were good light bites between the tastings.
From Left to right Sujeet Kumar - Dilip Puri - Vikas Malik at Wines of India at The Westin Pune Koregaon Park.jpgWith an aim to simplify the experience, guests were only asked to assess the wines on three simple aspects – the bouquet, taste and aftertaste – on a scale of 1 to 5. The cards were then dropped into feedback boxes at each table. Pictured, from left to write: Sujeet Kumar, Dilip Puri and Vikas Malik at The Westin Pune Koregaon Park wine event

A total of 65 labels were offered in the blind tasting. Based on the feedback received from the blind tasting, some of the most favoured wines will be listed on the wine menu at the hotel, for three months.
Like the hotel, the wineries were equally happy with the initiative. “This is a first-of-its kind event of a wine tasting being held by a five star hotel. It is a commendable effort and initiative of bringing top Indian wineries on a common platform. Vallonné is happy to participate in this event,” said Shailendra Pai, Founder and CEO, Vallonné Vineyards.
The event was attended by members of the wine and hospitality industry. Going forward, the hotel hopes to curate similar events across different cities in India.
The results
1. Varietal: Chardonnay; Winner: Reveilo Chardonnay Reserve; Runner-Up: Reveilo Chardonnay.
2. Varietal: Chenin Blanc; Winner: Nine Hills Chenin Blanc; Runner-Up: Reveilo Chenin Blanc.
3. Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc; Winner: Fratelli Sauvignon Blanc; Runner-Up: Sula Sauvignon Blanc.
4. Varietal: Sparkling; Winner: Zampa Soiree Brut; Runner-Up: Zampa Soiree Rosé Brut.
5. Varietal: Dessert; Winner: Sula Late Harvest Chenin Blanc; Runner-Up: York Late Harvest Chenin Blanc.
6. Varietal: Merlot; Winner: Vallonné Merlot Reserve; Runner-Up: Fratelli Merlot.
7. Varietal: Shiraz; Winner: Turning Point Shiraz; Runner-Up: Sula Rasa Shiraz.
8. Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon; Winner: Reveilo Cabernet Sauvignon; Runner-Up: York Cabernet Sauvignon.
9. Varietal: Cabernet Blend; Winner: Grover La Réserve; Runner-Up: Turning Point Shiraz Cabernet.
10. Varietal: Rosé; Winner: Nine Hills Rosé; Runner-Up: Vallonné Rosé.

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