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Indian Stories

The Economic Times is reporting that Distell, South Africa’s largest wine maker is planning to launch high-end premium wines of its flagship brand, Nederburg in India before the year-end.

Live Mintcovers the new wine club at the Shangri-La Hotel in New Delhi . Interestingly, the sessions were run by Harshal Shah who has written on Chardonnay in the latest issue of Sommelier India.

The Indian Express talks about the wine clubs in Delhi too and discusses how the Wine Society and the Delhi Wine Club both are attracting younger members.
International Stories

Wine Spectator explains that Allegrini is withdrawing Wine from DOC over Screw Cap. Marilisa Allegrini says, “We think a $14 to $15 non-Classico Valpolicella with a screw cap has a better chance on the market than a Valpolicella Classico, with a cork, costing 20 percent more.”
Wine Spectator also ranks its top ten wines of 2007. At the top of the list is the Clos des Papes Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2005 which gets 90 points and costs $80. That’s not a bad price for such a highly rated wine.
Decanter Magazine reports that Brunello is stepping up controls following the shocking fraud investigation in which hundreds of thousands of bottles of top Brunello were impounded – and the sale of the 2003 vintage suspended.

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