Wine in a Can? Yes, says Coppola


According to Decanter magazine, Niebaum-Coppola has released a Champagne-like wine – in an elegantly decorated pink can. Sofia Mini Blanc de Blanc is named after actress-director Sofia Coppola, daughter of the renowned Godfather director and winery proprietor. The wine blends 70% Pinot Blanc, 20% Sauvignon Blanc and 10% Muscat Cannelli to create a Champagne-like wine sold in cans, and supplied with a straw.
Are you ready to drink wine in a straw?


  1. Ajay Kumar Gothwal on

    Definitely, I m not surprised as wine is going through evolutionary changes nowadays. I can predict maybe wine coming in pet bottles too. So say cheers for our middle class people.

  2. I have not read the article, but I heard Jay Leno making jokes about it in his Late Night show.
    I live in Bay Area and have visited Napa Valley several times including Niebaum-Coppola winery. I love it. It is a beautiful winery. I am not sure if I am ready to drink wine out of a Can yet 🙂 But I am definitely going to try it out once and see if I like it.
    I don’t think it will bring down the price of the wine though if we are talking about bringing it to the masses.
    I am definitely curious to try “Wine in a Can”.

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