Wine Consumption Continues to Jump in the US


Americans are drinking more wine than ever before, a new study by the Wine Market Council shows in a recently published article on Bloomberg. At the same time, the U.S. is still far behind some nations in per capita consumption.
Growth has been dramatic, from 177 million cases of table wine consumed in 1996 to 205 million in 2000 and 249 million last year. Add in sparkling wines, sherries and ports, and the figure hits 300 million, with a retail value of $25 billion.
Most interesting have been the reasons for the increase in wine consumption namely, 1. News stories about how moderate wine consumption can be a positive in terms of health; 2. Change in consumer attitudes regarding occasion appropriateness; 3. A strong U.S. economy; 4. Rising disposable incomes; and 5. Branded advertising.
Are the same reasons spuring wine consumption in India? There’s certainly a lot of articles on wine but not that many on the health benefits (which are actually numerous).

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