Wine Billionaire on Forbes Rich List


Bernard_Arnault.jpgWe all knew that wine can be big business. But exactly how big can be gauged from the fact that the owner of Château Cheval Blanc and Château d’Yquem is the world’s fourth richest man according to Forbes magazine’s Rich List. Bernard Arnault’s fortune stands at a whopping US$ 41 billion.
Pictured, left: Bernard Arnault

Wine, however, is only one of the many goodies in Arnault’s vault. He is the LVMH chief, owns controlling stake in Dior Couture, Tag Heuer, De Beers, Louis Vuitton to name just a few. Before he became the world’s fourth richest man, he was on top of the list in Europe. Wine has also made several others extremely rich. Francois Pinault, owner of Château Latour in France is 65th on the Forbes’ list while Alain and Gerard Wertheimer of Chanel, and owners of Château Rauzan-Segla in Margaux, France, are 162nd on the list.

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