There’s more to white wine than you thought


Anyone who has spilt red wine will agree, the stains are impossible to remove. Well, the answer to all the problems of clumsy red wine lovers may lie in white wine. Yes, try white wine if it’s handy, or soda as a fall back, but there’s more to white wine than you thought.

Scientists in Oregon are studying properties in white wine that not only make it a stain remover and cleaner, but also a great disinfectant. Obviously, there is some basis to the old traveller’s wisdom that it is better to drink wine in a foreign country than water.
The Science Daily reports that microbiologist, Mark Daeschel, who teaches winemaking at Oregon State University, is studying the properties of white wine and is now looking at its cleaning and disinfectant properties. For every 100 gallons of drinkable wine, one gallon is discarded, he says, and this “undrinkable” wine can find use in the household cleaner and disinfectant market.
The alcohol in the wine works with the acids in it to make it a miracle cleaner, he says. The anti-microbial properties of the wine work on killing salmonella making it good to clean fruits and vegetables with. Dry whites like Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc work best, according to him, as they do not leave a sticky residue.
Daeschel has applied for a patent for his white wine cleaner. If this product reaches the market, it will be cheaper than drinking wine as it will not have the alcohol taxes and it will have additional salt making it further undrinkable.

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