Record International visitors at VINEXPO


vinexpo_asian_mag1.jpgThe five days of Vinexpo 2013 saw over 48,800 visitors from 148 countries, plus 2,400 exhibitors from 44 countries displaying their wines and spirits at stands that covered a total floor area of 40,000 sq. m (430,500 sq. ft). Almost 38% of the total professionals who visited the 17th edition of the international wine and spirits exhibition came from overseas, setting a new record. Pictured,left: A visitor flipping through a copy of SI at the international media stand at VINEXPO.

However, the number of visitors from France remained more or less the same while non-French visitors increased by 3% over the previous show in 2011. The total number of visitors saw an increase of 1.5%.
China with 3,388 professionals was Vinexpo’s largest non-French visitor, up 13.9% compared to 2011. Japan was represented with 427 visitors, up 17.63%. And beyond these two leaders, Vinexpo attracted more and more Asian visitors: India, up 32.7%, Taiwan, up 4.5%, Vietnam, up 20.4% and Malaysia, up 21.1%.
“In five intense days, featuring very active exhibitors, top flight tastings and quality business contacts hailed by the attendees themselves, Vinexpo clearly demonstrated why it is the world’s leading professional wine and spirits gathering,” stated the official news release.
Robert Beynat (CEO of Vinexpo until next September), declared,
“The number and quality of exchanges, the excitement in the halls, the commands initiated… This Vinexpo is a relaunch sign for the industry”
Exhibitor and visitor feedback, however, was less positive than official reports indicated and there appeared to be fewer people in the exhibition alleys than in previous years. Some criticisms were also received about the organization itself: problems of access, difficulties in setting up stands, infrastructure and so on.
Could the fact of Asian Vinexpos now taking place in HK, Mainland China and Japan be the reason for fewer business visitors to Bordeaux? If visitors are not showing up in Bordeaux, Vinexpo must go where the new markets are. Or maybe the rise of the Dusseldorf fair which has made great strides is hurting Vinexpo?
“New and upcoming fairs in Europe and Asia, notwithstanding, Vinexpo in Bordeaux is the first international exhibition of wines and spirits, and I invariably come away thinking what a worthwhile experience it is,” said Reva K. Singh, editor in chief of Sommelier India. “The Indian market is unique and very challenging. Most major Indian wine importers and distributors were participating and I met several of them during the two-and-a-half days I was there.”
Sommelier India WINE was present with a 1,000 copies of the magazine available at the international press stand.

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