A Wine and Song Affair at Vivanta by Taj


surindersingh1.jpg“Bebop – The Wine and Song Affair”, was what they called it at Pune’s Vivanta by Taj – Blue Diamond. With Atul Ahuja and his band playing rock ‘n’ roll numbers and tasty, light eats paired with a selection of Fratelli wines doing the rounds, it made for an enjoyable summer evening at the hotel’s lovely open-air Garden Court. “What better experience in life than wine and music,” commented General Manager Surinder Singh. Brinda Gill was among the guests

“Unlike most wineries that are based in Nashik, Fratelli is based in South Maharashtra, where the conditions are a bit different. I feel their Chenin Blanc and Shiraz are particularly good,” said Singh.
“Eighty per cent of Indian wines are produced in Maharashtra and are supplied across the country,” continued Surinder Singh. “A few of these wines are well known. Some are relatively new, but have a lot of potential and yet are not well known. Fratelli is one of them. So we decided to serve wines of these two grape varieties.”
Fratelli’s Classic Chenin (that is 90% Chenin Blanc and 10% Műller Thurgau), Chenin Blanc (100%), Classic Shiraz (80% Shiraz, 20% Cabernet Franc), and Cabernet Franc-Shiraz (50% of each in the blend) were served with vegetarian, non-vegetarian and cheese-based snacks and went well with the wines.
“We are the only winery growing Cabernet Franc and this makes our winery unique. The Classic range is lighter and easy to drink. New wine drinkers like it,” said Alessio Secci, one of the promoters of Fratelli Wines, present at the evening. “The Cabernet Franc-Shiraz is a bit more complex compared with the Classic and appeals to wine drinkers with a more developed palate.”
“Pune has a large expat community and it is our best customer. Being familiar with wines from Europe, they recognize the international quality of our wines. For them it is far cheaper to buy a good Indian wine than to buy an imported wine due to the heavy taxes. So we are happy to be here, to have people enjoying a nice evening and tasting good Indian wine. It could be an evening anywhere in the world and we are happy that it is here in Pune”, said Alessio.
He was pleased that guests were trying out wines even though there were other beverages and beer being served, and that by the end of the evening the wines were practically over!

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