Unique Virtual Tasting of Stuttgart Wines

A virtual wine tasting was organized by the Indian Honorary Consulate in Stuttgart as part of their intercultural program, “Stuttgart Meets Mumbai 2022” on 26th and 27th February.

Stuttgaart Wines

For this special tasting, wine professionals and enthusiasts received two well-packed boxes with three wine bottles each and details of the virtual tasting. The wines for the first day were Chardonnay Spätlese from Unser, a family winery in Württemberg state in southwest Germany; a Rosé from Weinsberg State Vineyard; and a red Lemberger from Berthold winery. The second day of tasting featured a Riesling from a winery in the city of Stuttgart; a Rosé from Heinrich winery; and a red Lemberger from Wöhrwag winery.

Maria Dobritzsch, managing director of the Indian Honorary Consulate Stuttgart, introduced and hosted the sessions. Rolf Hauser, who was principal of the Weinsberg State Vineyard for 35 years and retired in 2019; Frank Haller, winemaker and cellar master of the winery of the city of Stuttgart; and Hans-Peter Wöhrwag, winemaker at his family-owned winery shared information about the selected wines, their vineyards and wineries, and Stuttgart’s uniqueness in having vineyards in the city itself. The sessions were interesting, informative, and interactive.

A meeting point for partners from politics, business, film, media, tourism, and the wine industry, “Stuttgart Meets Mumbai” marked 18 years and 54 years of partnership between the cities of Stuttgart and Mumbai this year.