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Sopexa , the French Marketing and Promotion Board for French Food & Beverages with the support of Capexport and the French Ministry of Agriculture, will present in Delhi a unique French Wine Promotion : The Sopexa Try More …, French Wines by the Glass. from 15 – 30 November 2006. The programme will also be held at Bangalore (14 – 28 October 2006) and Mumbai (1-11November 2006).

To be held across the finest restaurants in Delhi, two French sommeliers, Mr. Thomas Lamude, and Ms. Daniele Raulet Reynaud will be in India for the duration of the program. They will be present at one restaurant every day at lunch and dinner to guide guests through the special wine list by the glass and help them to choose the right wine with the cuisine on offer.
The CapExport programme, is a new French government initiative to support French companies develop operations in strategic international markets by increasing exports, investments and partnerships of Small & Medium-scale Enterprises. India is one of the 5 priority countries which have been targeted along- with the United States, Japan, China and Russia. Mme Christine Lagarde, French Minister for Foreign Trade said, “For France, India is a major partner. The CapExport partnership will strengthen France’s economic partnership with India.”
“With this programme we aim to deconstruct the myth of French wine being unapproachable and unaffordable. This occasion will allow wine lovers and new converts to discover French wine” said Mr Rajiv Singal, Charge de Mission, Sopexa India. “Try More…. will popularize French Wines through a wine by the glass program, adapted to local conditions” he added.
The Sommeliers, Thomas Lamude, and Daniele Raulet Reynaud will be interacting with the guests proposing French wines to complement the food order. A range of about 12 wines representative of all regions of France will be presented by the glass, and will be proposed to the guests. Some participating restaurants will also offer special cheese platters, which will complement the outlets cuisine; to widen the French pitch to enhance the palate of guests for this Tour de France.
Some of the French wines on offer will be Pouilly Fume, Beaujolais, Champagne, Cotes du Rhone, Gewurztraminer, VDP d’Oc and many more. A Special Wine Trolley designed for this program will be taken to each table for customers to learn about and taste various wines by the glass. .
Guests will enjoy French Wines in pleasant pairing with almost all cuisines. And the sommeliers will make the adventure even more exciting and memorable!! To make things more interesting and to attract more guests to try the French offerings, and a contest for the participating outlets will also be organised..

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  1. I had been long waiting for french wine to come to Dehli. And now it’s much easier to get one’s hand on french wine bottles 😉

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