Torbreck Wine Tasting at ITC Maurya Sheraton & Towers


Torbreck’s David Powell conducted a wine tasting at the ITC Maurya Sheraton & Towers in Delhi recently. Some of the wines serviced included Woodcutters Semillion 2004, Woodcutters Shiraz 2003, Cuvee Juveniles 2003, The Steading 2002 and The Struie 2002. These wines are available at all of the hotel’s outlets. These wines are big, full bodied highly rated wines. Read on to learn about Torbreck and David Powell.

Torbreck & David Powell
Torbreck’s and David Powell’s story is one of spectacular success earned over a very short time but more importantly the genesis of this success story is one that will certainly make it an enduring one.
Complexity all bound together in a Seamless Structure. Torbreck is named after a forest in Scotland as an ode to both, his mothers Scottish roots and a place where he once worked as a lumberjack.
It was whilst working as a mason in the Barossa, when he offered to build a new cellar door for another icon of the Barossa Valley in exchange for teaching him his skills, that he was bitten by the bug. It was also this vocation that allowed him access to The Oldest, Forgotten Vineyards of the Barossa Valley that were lying in a decrepit condition which escaped the attention of, first, the mass ripping out of old red varietals undertaken by the Australian govt. in the early 80’s and then the eyes of the big wine
corporations of Australia.
Dave’s wines are BIG, even at the entry level, Woodcutters is full, blue-blooded Aussie Barossa Valley Shiraz at its best and rated consistently over 90 points by Parker. But unlike a lot of over
extracted Oz wine, Torbreck is extremely well made and in small quantities that show great complexity. And at the level of the flagship RunRig, it has Massive Fruit, Huge Tannin and Fabulous.
Wines served:
1. Woodcutters Semillion 2004
2. Woodcutters Shiraz 2003
3. Cuvee Juveniles 2003
4. The Steading 2002
5. The Struie 2002
6. Decendent 2002
7. Factor 2002
8. RunRig 2002
9. Les Amis 2003
10. The Bothie 2004

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