To market, to market to buy a bottle of wine


There’s no doubt that the Indian wine industry is growing with new wineries coming up in parts of Karnataka as well as the main wine producing region of Maharashtra. But wine is still not so freely available to the consumer, notes Kanika Dhawan. Except at some upmarket localities, which are largely frequented or inhabited by foreigners and globe-trotting Indians who genuinely know their Char-don-nay!

One such place is Defence Colony in south Dehi. On a sultry, summer day, I walked into the local delicatessen – Taste – where you can frequently spot expats picking up gourmet food and spices. Naturally, the deli has room for wines, considering their clientele.
So, I walked into the store and immediately headed for the wine section.They don’t have a counter (it’s a section), so don’t expect a wine cave there. But the guy at the counter knows quite a bit. Pointing at the stack of wines, he informed me that they have Chilean, French, South African, Italian and Indian wines.
The most popular international wines included Jacob’s Creek, Maison Virginie, Emiliana and Three Peaks in both reds and whites. From India, out of Sula, Fratelli, Nine Hills and 4 Seasons, the first two are quite a hit.
Despite the fact that the counter guy looked like your regular man Friday, he pleasantly surprised me with his wine skills and pronunciation. As compared to my visit to “Defence Stores” (another fancy store at Def Col) where the sales person kept saying Bordeaux for any and every wine displayed on the racks, his counterpart from Taste proved to be a pro.
So, the next time you want wine and are in the vicinity,you know where to head. Just drop the snob act and be natural. It will help!

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