Tittarelli Wines Launched in Mumbai

Tittarelli Wines, a part of the Argentinean wine making history since 1915 have been launched in India by Mr Jagdeep Chowgule of Best Foods & Wine Impex of Goa, a company focused on bringing in the best Wines from Argentina into the Indian Market.
According to Mr Chowgule ” Argentina is renowned worldwide for its great varieties AND and delicious Wines.

We are very proud and happy to be associated with the rich and historic wine brand of Tittarelli, which is much loved by the British, French, Americans, Canadians and Brazilians.

Tittarelli Wines were launched at an Exclusive Tasting hosted in association with the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai on Saturday 1 st July 2006 and at Indigo on Sunday 2nd July 2006 where guests were taken through a brief yet interesting presentation on Argentina and Tittarelli wines, followed by a tasting of the Tittarelli reds and white wines. Actresses Moon Moon Sen and Suchitra Krishnamoorthy were seen enjoying their wines, while playing gracious hosts for the evening were Jagdeep Chowgule of Best Foods & Wines Impex (Goa), Mr Timothy Walker, Director and Sommelier Cameron Mcphee.
Also seen thoroughly enjoying the wine tasting and the flowing hors d’oeurves at Indigo were Ashwini Kakkar, Jehangir Sabavala, Asit Chandmal, Kishin Mulchandani, Zeenia Lawyer, Gerard D’cunha, Rashmi Uday Singh, Remo & Naaz Jhaveri, Shamina Taleyarkhan and Rahul Akerkar amongst many others. According to Rahul Akerkar of Indigo “This is a great way to spend a rainy Sunday evening. Tittarelli Wines have a vast range so almost everyone here has found a wine to their taste”.

Tittarelli has its vineyards and cellars in Rivadavia, Mendoza, Argentina. Its lands, mostly desert and at the foot of the Andes range of mountains, reach 1500 hectares, with the vineyards at the height of 1200 metres. The vineyards have grapes of different varieties that have adapted perfectly to the soil. Some of these varieties are : Chardonnay, Torrontes, Sauvignon in the white variety while in the red variety, they grow Malbec, Syrah and Tempranillo.
The wines in these cellars are of an unbeatable quality and are marketed under brands such as Finca El Retiro, Bodega Uno, Bodega de 900, Galo & Caio and Tittarelli. Finca El Retiro, with its high range wines created for the international market has a blend of the most outstanding elements of soil, weather and stock.

The special Malbec variety of grapes from which Titarrelli wines are made are cultivated only in Mendoza, Argentina. The Wine making region in Argentina ranges between the 22 degrees & 24 degrees latitude. It lies at the foothills of the Andean Mountain range stretching over 2,400 km from the province of Salta to the province of Rio Negro of Argentina, with a variety of climates & soils that makes each region a unique terroir. Because of the dryness of the climate,diseases such as mildew & botrytis are rare & most grapes ungrafted. These conditions, together with the scarce rainfalls and the sandy and permeable soil make the area the most appropriate for the cultivation of wine, making it possible for it to compete with and excel the best and most traditional European wineries.

“If there is anywhere a place that encompasses the perfect match of climate, soil,costs, human resources & above all freedom for creativity and minimal bureaucracy to hinder the genuine development of a new and exceptional viticulture, that place is undoubtedly Argentina”, adds Mr Timothy Walker, Director, Best Foods & Wines Impex, Argentina .

The Tittarelli range is are SUPER PREMIUM wines, ideal to drink with grilled meat, chicken or meat with wine sauces, pasta with black olives or semi-hard cheese. The White Wines goes well with Fish while the Tittarelli Rose Wines go very well with rich spicy Indian food.
According to Mr Cameron McPhee, Sommelier “There is no place in the world that can make a Malbec like Mendoza, Argentina with its immense fruits of cherry and its tannic value that can withstand and go well with any Indian dish. A truly unique wine brought to India with passion from Argentina. With the European influence on the vine growing and the forty plus years of vine age, Mendoza, Argentina is really producing world class wines at affordable prices”.

Mr Chowgule concludes by saying ” Best Foods & Wines Impex want to introduce Argentinian wines that are distinctive, high quality and also create an awareness for their fine lineage and establish Tittarelli’s and Malbec as Argentina’s flagship wine and varietal respectively”.

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