The Wines of Allegrini

allegrini.jpg Marilisa Allegrini of Allegrini wines was in India recently and Sommelier India caught up with her. The wines of Allegrini are from the north of Italy in Valpolicella near Verona. Compared to Piedmont and Tuscany, Valpolicella was undervalued for a time, although its viticulture dates back to Roman times.

Giovanni Allegrini, however, believed in the potential of the area and bought vineyards in the surrounding hills. Allegrini wines, consequently, are made entirely from grapes grown in their own vineyards.
It is very much a family business. “I have a brother who is a wine-maker and I am responsible for marketing, sales and PR,” said Marilisa Allegrini. She was in India recently to promote the family wines which are imported by Brindco.
Available at most five-star outlets, the wines include Valpolicella Classico, which is meant to be enjoyed young, and two of the top Allegrini wines, La Poja and Amarone, which is the region’s best wine, and unique to the area. Deep purple in colour, Amarone Classico 2000 has a powerful bouquet of warm, spicy raisined fruit. It is rich, full bodied and velvety smooth.
Marilisa recommends it with Indian food because it is made with dried grapes. The wine is dry but also has a raisin aroma. “I discovered how well it goes with Indian food in a very famous Indian restaurant in London, Cinnamon Club,” she said. “It was fantastic!”
According to the respected Gambero Rosso Guide, Allegrini is No. 1 in Verona and No. 5 in Italy. Allegrini wines have the distinction of being awarded the three glasses symbol 22 times. We tasted their wines at an Italian dinner at Diva restaurant in Delhi and can say from personal experience that their reputation is well deserved. The wines were delicious.

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