The Pink Elephant comes to Delhi

pinkelephantbottle1.jpg Rosés – these light refreshing wines are ideal for the Indian summer. Enjoyed for long in France for their light, fresh, dry character, where Provence is the region most famous for its rosé, this style of wine is made all over the world. Try the Pink Elephant, a delightful, bright pink rosé from Portugal brought to us by the UB Group. Its intense fruity aroma of strawberries is carried over in your palate with a hint of sweetness, supported by delicious acidity and a delicate finish.

The grapes for this wine were grown and harvested from the private estate of José Neiva, in Estremadura, who, along with David Baverstock, is responsible for the winemaking.
Pink Elephant is made entirely from black grapes; these are crushed and after short skin contact the free-run juice is run-off and fermented in stainless steel vats at 16°C (similar to pink Champagne).
This produces a much more aromatic and elegant style of wine than the common ‘cap-and-drain’ method. After stabilisation and filtration Pink Elephant is kept under a blanket of inert gas to retain freshness and then bottled against orders.
Rosés are generally made from red wine grapes macerated on the skins for a short period to extract a certain amount of colour, tannins, and phenols. After that the juice is separated from the skins by draining or pressing and then fermented as for white wines. The traditionally used Grenache requires about 8 to 12 hours of maceration while strongly pigmented grape varieties may need much less time. This method is also known as saignée which is a French term meaning ‘bleeding’ or extracting free-run juice from just-crushed grapes after a short maceration.
You can’t choose a better wine with Indian food. Fiona Beckett (who also writes occasionally for SI) and Vicky Bhogal commended it highly in Decanter magazine – “All the wines made for Indian food were disappointing both with and without food with the exception of Pink Elephant rosé, which was refreshing, soft, fruity and light, and retained its character against the food.”
This juicy, fruity wine is screwcapped and costs Rs 980 in Delhi.

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