The India Wine Show between Nov 29th and Dec 3rd, 2007

The India Wine Show team just sent us this announcement. The Show will be held this November in Nashik, Maharashtra. The show includes trade seminars, conferences, master classes, vineyard tours, wine tastings and wine awards for the best Indian and imported wines. Sommelier India is a media partner for the show and will be covering on the blog. wineshow.jpg

Wine , be it the robust red, vintage white or the effervescent sparkling pink, has since time immemorial, celebrated good health and cheer. Known as the elixir of life, its refined quality and grace has the ability to turn the most ordinary cuisine into a connoisseurs delight! In the Indian context, wine has long enjoyed an elitist status, acquired from the west.
This however is now changing very fast. The Indian wine makers and grape growers have been steadily making inroads into the wine industry in the last 7 years with very promising and encouraging results.
The Indian brands are now strongly establishing themselves in the wine market and compare and comply with the international standards. Moreover, the industry is now looking towards serving not only the niche export market but also a very potentially profitable home market. In fact, the Indian wine industry is now ready to take the big leap. With a growth rate of 25 – 30 % per annum, wine drinking is now becoming a part of the urban Indian lifestyle. The rising levels of the standards of living and exposure to global trends and cultures have contributed greatly to this growth.
Nashik today has emerged as the Wine capital of India. A climate conducive, both to grape growing and wine making, along with favorable “ Grape Processing Industry Policy “ of the Maharashtra government, has made Nashik the hub of this industry.
The India Wine Show, organized every two years, in Nashik , has established itself as the premier wine event in the country. The event showcases every aspect of the industry from grapes growers to end consumers. India wine Show 2007 this year is going global! Expected to attract higher number of international exhibitors and visitors from around the world, it offers an ideal business platform to the industry. Features of India Wine Show 2007 are Trade Seminars, International Conference, Master Classes, Wine Tasting Sessions, Trade Fair & vineyard Tours, making it a complete and unique wine experience.
Open to all wine related companies and organizations; it covers a broad-spectrum of product, solutions, innovations and services in the Wine Industry. The combination creates an opportunity for manufacturers, researchers and companies, both Indian and foreign to expand their business.
The show features events like the Buyer-seller program, Trade Seminars, conferences, wine tasting sessions for traders and consumers. The highlight of the event however, is the prestigious awards for the Indian and Imported wine of the year 2007. The show targets grape growers, CEOs of wineries, Winery entrepreneurs, and agriculturists and exporters of both grape and wine.
Organized by Media Exhibitors in joint venture with Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture “India wine show 2007”, is a major segment of the Krishi 2007 _ International Agricultural trade fair &conference Nashik, to be held from 29th November to 3rd December 2007. The event is ably supported by the Ministry for Agriculture, Government of Mahrashtra, Maharashtra State Grape Growers’ Association and Nashik Valley Wine Producer’s Association.
Recently on 27th May 07 brochure of India Wine Show – publishing ceremony held at Nashik, Maharashtra. In the presence of Mr. Abhay Kewadkar – Vice President (Wines) U. B. Group, Mr. Devidas Pingle – Member of Parliament & Chairman of Reception Committee (India Wine Show), Mr. Pralhad Khadangle – Chairman, Vinsura Wines, Mr. Ashok Gaikwad – Chairman, N. D. Group, Mr. Hambirrao Phadtare – M. D. Mountain View Wineries, Mr. Pradip Pachpatil – G.M. Sula Wines, Mr. Jagdish Holkar – MD Flamingo Wines, Mr. Ajay Boraste – Depty Mayor Nashik. Mr. Sanjay Nyaharkar – Convener, India Wine Show .


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