The Indian Sommelier Championship 2015

Images of the organisers and winners of ISC 2014

The Indian Sommelier Championship 2015, supported by Sommelier India wine magazine, is the definitive platform for all aspiring sommeliers of India to showcase their skill and take home some very coveted prizes. As the competition grows, this the eighth year will see over a 100 participants from at least a dozen states step up to the preliminary training rounds.

While the Indian wine contingent remains strong — and we the organisers wouldn’t want it any other way — foreign brands are also realising how imparting the right knowledge to these budding wine ambassadors is the steadfast way to grow the market long-term. Apart from wine, beer and spirits will continue to be a part of the competition but unlike last year, the spirits round will shift focus to cocktails and their innate sense of balance.

Taxes and duties continue to play havoc but it does little to dampen our spirits. As in the years before, the gruelling 3-day masterclasses will help select the chosen few from each centre who will then meet for the finals on stage in front of a jury. The results will be announced later in the day when the guests — the media and F&B fraternity and select consumers — come together over cocktails followed by a very elaborate wine dinner where the wines will clearly outweigh the food being served in each course.

The stars of the day however will be our chosen sommeliers, that wine-loving bunch who diligently work away at ensuring that our evenings progress seamlessly. It is for them that the entire event is organised so that we can all collectively celebrate the élan of sommellerie.

All in all, we are gearing up for yet another unprecedented Bacchanalia, one that promises to be as heady on the learning as it shall be on the elixir that we all so love.