Terroir – The Madras Wine Club views “Sideways”

terroir blog.jpgThe first event of 2010 at Terroir – The Madras Wine Club was a private screening of the movie “Sideways” at a small auditorium in a hotel open exclusively for Terroir members and spouses on 24th January. It was a Bring Your Own Wine event.

And, in keeping with the tastes of Miles Raymond, the wine-loving hero, only the following wines were acceptable:
Pinot Noir which he raves about
Merlot which he refuses to drink, because he “hates f*****g Merlot”
Riesling which he once thought was unsophisticated but “not any more”.
Although it was not a new movie and many had seen it before, the story of the two friends (Miles Raymond and Jack Cole) who go on a road trip through California’s wine country before one of them is to get married was enjoyed even more in the cozy company of club members. Wine was poured after the movie had run for an hour with the snacks provided by the hotel nicely complementing the wine.
The end of the movie found us sitting around sipping our wine, discussing the film and getting to know new members. As one member remarked, “I had forgotten what a fun film Sideways was – an experience enhanced by good wine, good conversation and good company.” Another important observation was that we had an equal number of bottles of Merlot and Pinot Noir.
Terroir plans to have more such events that add value by educating us on the subject of wine while also promoting bonhomie amongst members.