Terroir – The Madras Wine Club


madraswineclub1.jpgThe growth of a wine culture in India is reflected by the proliferation of wine clubs in the country. Nearly every major city has a wine club or society. The most recent is Terroir -The Madras Wine Club, which was officially launched last week with a wine tasting and dinner at The Taj Coromandel in Chennai. Reva K Singh was at the launch. Pictured is Nirmala Seshadri, dancer and wine club member and Captain Arjun Nair, President of Terroir, The Madras Wine Club.

madraswineclub2.jpgWith wine clubs flourishing in cities like Bangalore, Pune and Chandigarh, not to mention the major metros, Chennai was noticeably lagging behind. Was it so traditional a society that there was not enough interest in the subject for people to get together and form a club? Obviously not. There was ample interest as it turned out when a few wine loving friends got talking, and the idea took off.
Pictured from left to right: Rajashree Pathy, industralist; Mrs Sangeet Chopra, Arindam Kunar, General Manager, Taj Coromandel and Aman Dhall, Executive Director, Brindco.
The start of a new club is always a good sign in our unfolding wine culture and I felt Sommelier India should show its support by being present at the launch. So I rearranged my appointments and flew out to Chennai.
And what a launch it was! Taj Coromandel General Manager Arindam Kunar and his team along with Aman Dhall, Executive Director of Brindco (India’s leading wine importer) did the new club proud by organizing what can be best described as “The Taj Fine Wine (and Food) Experience”.
After the unveiling of the Club logo by Arindam Kunar and Captain Arjun Nair, president of the club, Chennai’s high society was treated to a tasting of 30 superlative wines followed by a grand repast.
Chennai’s wine enthusiasts may have been slow to get started but they seem to be making up for lost time with a full agenda already planned. Besides Capt Nair, who is the Club President, Sabu Balagopal is the Club Secretary and Sudhir Rao, the Treasurer, who are supported by a core group of founder members. Good Luck, Terroir, may you grow from strength to strength!


  1. Congratulations to organizers to launch Terroir-the madras wine club.
    Wine legend India pvt ltd, an importer of wines into India, based at Chennai, will be interested to associate with the club to promote wine culture in Chennai.

  2. Congratulations to Chennai:
    South Indian cuisine goes well with select import wines.
    Great news for Vodkaphiles, as Connoisseur Imports has imported O2 Vodka, the worlds first and only sparkling vodka from London (www.sparklingvodka.com)is available in Chennai’s Duty Free retail at the Intl Aiport.
    Best wishes to Chennai’s Wine and Vodka lovers.
    Venkata S Soora
    Connoisseur Imports

  3. Wow, at last good old Chennai has it’s wine club!
    With so many sophisticated citizen in Chennai the wine club should take of well now that the whole wine world is at our door step. Though I live in Melboune, Australia, I do visit Chennai often on my business. I do miss my wines while in Chennai. Now I am excited to note that in future I will get access to quality wines at right price.
    Good Luck to Terrier!

  4. Wine legend India pvt ltd is based in chennai and at present have 14 labels; 4 from California and 10 from Australia. Seven of eight wines sponsored for Indian wine challenge 2008, have won medals; 1 silver
    3 bronze and 3 Seal of Approval.
    By end of 2009, wines practically from every region of the world will be in our portfolio.
    We shall be happy to be of service to TERRIOR MEMBERS in getting them best wines at worth the price.

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