Telegraph highlights Wine Consumption in India

This time it was the Telegraph UK, newspaper’s turn to discuss the emergence of wine across the Indian subcontinent. What was nice about the article is that rather than focusing on statistics or the industry, instead it focused on consumers and their introduction to wine. A Tulleeho wine appreciation event was featured and Magandeep Singh who writes for Sommelier India was quoted discussing wine. telegraph_wine.jpg

But probably best of all, the article reminded readers that India’s 16th and 17th century Mughal emperors drank wine – mostly Shiraz from Persia. Wine is gaining popularity across the country but by no means are we completely new to wine. Indians had wine before many New World countries even existed!

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  1. Rajesh Swarnakar on

    It is a well known fact that India is fast catching up with western world when it comes to drinking wine.But we need to have access to quality wines at affordable prices . It is only available in metros at select places.To appreciate a good wine one needs to altleast taste quality wines in order to tell a difference between a good wine and badly made wine.Moreover people need to be educated to appreciate , handle and store wines in a country like ours.Most of the wines which are available in the retail shops are stored and handled incorrectly and out of proper temperature. That is why most of the wine purchased taste like a ‘Madeirised ‘wine due to excessive heat that they are subjected to .
    Rajesh Swarnakar

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