Savouring Sula Wines at L’Occitane Spa La Vie


Wines displayed at the spa.JPGTo celebrate the arrival of Sula’s 2012 vintage, Cecilia Oldne, Sula’s Global Brand Ambassador and Head of International Business threw a spa party for a small gathering of ladies at the yet to be opened and, the first of its kind in India, Spa La Vie by L’OCCITANE, writes Suneeta Sodhi Kanga Left: Sula wines on display

The guests were welcomed by Darpan Sanghvi, Managing Director of Spa L’Occitane to an 8,000 sq ft Mediterranean wellness sanctuary in a magnificent stand-alone building hidden away and yet right in the heart of the hustle bustle of Lower Parel, Mumbai.
Spa La Vie by L’OCCCITANE believes in L’Art de Vivre, the French art of slowing down and savoring each sensuous moment. The herb scented spa treatments by L’OCCITANE and the sun-kissed Sula Vineyards 2012 vintage wines have both been born from rich, rustic and sumptuous regions. This is why Cecilia believes the association is a match made in heaven.
The ladies enjoyed an evening of indulgence and pampering of the senses. The fresh and vibrant Sula Brut Rosé set the tone of the evening as the guests mingled. Sula Brut Rosé is a sophisticated, perfectly balanced bottle-fermented Rosé sparkling wine. A blend of Chenin Blanc and Zinfandel grapes, this salmon pink palate-pleaser matched beautifully with the delectable food from Vinoteca by Sula.
Cecilia Oldne uncorking the <strong>Rasa shiraz 2011</strong> at the hammam room.JPG” class=”mt-image-left” style=”float: left; margin: 05px 05px 0;” /></a></span>Cecilia, <em>pictured left, uncorking the Rasa Shiraz 2011</em>, lead the guests in a tasting through the newly bottled premium Sula Vineyards 2012 vintage wines while drifting through the various sections of the spacious Spa experiencing with the guest all it had to offer which included well-being soaking treatments in free standing bathtubs in every treatment room,  private steam chambers  and VIP couple’s suites.<br />
As the party moved from the plush courtyard that has a 20 ft living green wall to the serene water lounge room, Darpan introduced the range of L’OCCITANE products and Spa treatments on offer. The Spa La Vie team provided Shea butter foot massages and led guided tours of the various treatment rooms. The <em>pièce de resistance</em> was the limited release<strong> Rasa 2011 Shiraz </strong>tasting in the heated stone hammam at the Spa. The Rasa is Sula’s finest wine and is only produced in the best vintage years. Only 700 cases of the Rasa 2011 wine were produced. The wine is very complex, woody, firm tannins with notes of smoky spice and mint.<br />
The evening ended on a sweet note with the Sula Late Harvest <strong>Chenin Blanc 2012</strong> paired with Vinoteca’s new range of truffles. The sumptuous combination of Sula’s finest wines along with L’OCCITANE’s pampering treatments was truly an indulgence.</p>
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