Stylish elegance – Brane-Cantenac’s new label

branepack.jpgWith the release of its 2007 vintage, Château Brane-Cantenac has made a change in its legendary label. The question in the minds of everyone involved was, “Why change such a recognizable label that has seduced customers for so many years?” So, why, indeed, did they? asks Reva K. Singh

Because over time and the passage of years, the brand’s class and balance had been affected by various external factors such as impositions from the administration and legal mentions. It was decided, therefore, to return to the basics with the moniker, “Just Brane” and redesign the label.
“The essentials are now highlighted with a clear, minimalist approach, elegant and pure, through the modified name and design,” points out Corinne Conroy.
bclabel1.jpgThe name, Château Brane-Cantenac is embossed in deep black in its traditional script on the label, while “Henri Lurton” (the owner) and “Grand Cru Classé” appear in discreet gold lettering. The unmistakable branding is retained with the powdered gold and glossed background, so unique to Brane. All the legal mentions have been moved to the back label in gold print on black paper.
The capsule, reluctantly redesigned by Henri Lurton, is reminiscent of a perfume bottle. It is deep black instead of red with an additional gold line in the middle echoing the style of the label. The letters BC seal its top, so that the bottle can be identified when it is lying on its side in a cellar or wine cabinet.
The second wine, Baron de Brane’s label has been modified, too, in the same spirit but the capsule remains the same.

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