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Thinking about the roots of wines culture and Europe pops up in our minds. France, Italy and Spain put together produce approximately 270 million hector litres of wine (2003) per annum and of which they consume 230 million hecto litres (approx 70%)of their produce so there is an excess of 30% that needs to be exported. Ashwini Avate tells us about a wine masters program in France.

These countries are the traditionally old world wine producing countries and the new world wines are now coming from USA, Australia, Chilli, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and in the future China.
India will be not far considering the rate at which our wine yards are growing! The wine producing countries are basing their marketing strategies focused on new emerging markets such as India and China. India is considered to be a very lucrative market for them especially after the wine crisis that France is recovering from. In France as in many traditionally wine drinking countries the consumption of wine per head is reducing while in traditionally non-wine drinking countries like India, China the consumption is going up. In this given scenario India needs to gear up to this growing industry and education in this field seems like a good place to start.
The European Union is doing its bit to spread awareness on this subject by offering a two year Master International Vintage organised by Ecole Superieur D’Agriculture D’Angers, France. The objective of this programme is to train executives to become experts on the subject of international vine and wine industry. This course gives students a through over view of the wine industry globally, at the same time knowledge of the techniques and organisation of several European countries.
The seven teaching modules taught in two year are:
¸ Languages:French and English,
¸ Œnology,
¸ Economy and marketing,
¸ Organization of the wine industry
¸ “Terroirs »,
¸ Viticulture,
¸ Preparation for professional project
¸ international study trip in europe(3 weeks).
¸ Professional project in firm (6 months internship) giving you an opportunity to learn while working.
This year the class comprises of thirty students from twenty-one different countries, all-bringing in their previous professional experience and at the same time learning and building a network internationally across the globe. Of the 30 students there are four Indians. This course is completely funded by the European Union under the scholarship Erasmus Mundus. Taught in three universities of the seven partner universities University of Bologna (Italy) ,Politechnic – Valencia (Spain) ,Corvinus, – Budapest (Hungary), TAD – Vila Real (Portugal) ,of Sacro Cuore – Piacenza (Italy) ,TEI Athens (Greece),ESA Angers (France).
This year the course is being conducted in France, Italy and Spain. It gives the students an exposure to the heart of the wine world. There are various study tours across Europe and also visits to many viticulture domains that provide a first hand learning experience. The wine tasting sessions held regularly give students an opportunity to taste wines from various wine regions of the world.
All in all this is the place to be if you are a wine enthusiast and wanting to learn more ( .
The author is a student at ESA, in her first year of Master programme. Ms Ashwini Avate


  1. Hi,
    I would like to know if there are any wine appreciation programs / courses in India, specifically Mumbai ?

  2. Hi i want to enquire that if there are any professional sommelier courses in india

  3. Karan Bhandari on

    I would be interested in knowing if perhaps there are these same courses available. but for a shorter period of time, say from 6 – 12 months time, instead of as conventional 2 yr Masters course.

  4. I suggest you get in touch with Ecole Superieur D’Agriculture D’Angers, France directly. They’ll be able to help you best.
    Aarti most wine appreciation programs are targeted towards hospitality professionals however you may want to try as they offer consumer oriented tastings. If anyone else has other suggestions, please let us know.

  5. Siddhartha Tandon on

    Hi, I am a qualified wine sommelier currently working in London.
    I am quite interested in coming back to India as i see there is a growing demand for qualified professionals.
    The problem is I don’t know any recruitment channels to get a suitable job. Could u please help me locate suitable channels.

  6. onkar kulkarni on

    i am agriculture gradjuate from pune now doing mba in pune i want more information about the erasmus sclolarship & the vine ,wine technology.
    how can i get the syllabus for geting admition ?
    does there any entrance exam ??
    i dont know french it is necessory to learn french??
    please give me details about this.

  7. hey hii,
    i am doin a bsc course in microbiology…
    so are there any career opportunities for me.. in this field??
    i’ve heard about a course of wine masters..
    soo plss let me know… m desperate abt this.. and wanna do a career in wine….

  8. NIkhil Singhal on

    Sir\Mam. I am doing my Hotel Management from Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition also known as IHM Mumbai. I am very much interested in wines and other alcoholic beverages and i would like to join the Hospitality industry as an expert on the same subject. I would like to know the universities in Europe which offer professional Sommelier courses. Also will my lack of Knowledge of French language reduce my chances of doing this type of course in France? I will be really thankful for any help or guidence. My e-mail id is –

  9. Hi….I would like to know about the criteria for the master degree programme please guide me about that. I am waiting for your positive responds. Thanking you. Yogesh

  10. santosh chaudhari on

    i m grauate of BSc(agri)..please tell me the details about admission for winemaster through erasmus mundus..i have learn french but i dont know the path please suggest

  11. Mam,
    Hello first i would like to congratulate Ashwini Patil Awate for her success.You have done an impressive work and opened the routes of success for students like us. I hv completed my M.Tech in Biotechnology in Pune and when heard about this course of Mstrs in Vintage and Wine technology was extremely inetrested in knowing the about the scholarship adn of course the admission procedure.Please can you gimme the details.
    Iwould be really very thankful for any kind of help or guidance.My email Id is

  12. Thank you for the kind words, it is indeed nice to see young people motivated to venture into new fields like Wines.
    For more on International Vintage Masters, you could log on to
    You can also contact Micelle Kale at the Alliance Francaise in Pune for the exact details on admission procedure etc….
    For anyone in any other city, you have to contact the nearest Alliance Francaise. Since it is an EU funded scholarship the French Embassy is promoting it .

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