Stephane Soret to leave The Imperial New Delhi


photo-6.jpgAfter completing his two-year contract, Stephane Soret has decided to return to France and will be leaving for Paris on June 25th. During his tenure as Head Sommelier at The Imperial, Soret managed and grew the wine programme of the hotel. He sourced wines from well known producers around the world, as well as little-known wineries making excellent wine.

In the process, he built up an enviable collection of wine for The Imperial cellar.
The first professional sommelier to work in a hotel in India, Soret saw his role primarily to an educate and guide his guests in their choice of wine with food, and help them develop their palate, as well as to train the staff.
Said Soret, “My job was to educate. When I came, there was not enough information around, and so much needs to be done. You are doing a great job at Sommelier India and I want to continue to be a part of it.”
Soret’s plan is to spend time in Provence, drink wine, visit his parents and his favourite wine producers.
“July and August is ‘holiday time’ in France,” he points out. “But I’ll be back. If not in India, somewhere else in Asia. I want to be close to India because it’s close to my heart. I don’t want to be away from the people and I hope I will be remembered.”

You certainly will, Stephane, and we hope to see you again.

— Reva K Singh

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