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In the next edition of Sommelier India WINE Magazine, (soon to reach subscribers) SI correspondent for Italy, Michèle Shah describes Italian sparklng wines, Prosecco and Franciacorta. Don’t miss the article. Meanwhile, some very good examples available in India are given below with a descriptive note by Michèle.
Pictured is a label of Carpenè Malvolti Prosecco

The history of CARPENÈ MALVOLTI history dates back to 1868. It was founded by Antonio Carpenè, the founder of Italy’ s first Oenological School based in Conegliano and is till today one of Italy’s most important oenological schools. Today Carpenè Malvolti is still 100% owned by the Carpenè family. Its Prosecco is considered one of Italy’s best known and is most widely consumed within the country. It sources its grapes from over 100 grape growers situated in historical areas of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.
Carpene Malvolti Prosecco di Conegliano DOC, Cuvée Brut
Produced from grapes grown in the historic production areas of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. Colour: straw yellow with greenish nuances.
Bouquet: a very delicate scent of green apple, rich in slightly acid.
Perlage: very fine; it guarantees a persisting flavour.
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ZONIN is one of Italy’s largest family-owned estates, established in 1821. Today Zonin has 2,000 hectares of vines planted over seven Italian regions, including 10 estates and one estate on the East coast in Virginia, USA. In order to satisfy supplies Zonin buys in up to 40% of their production in grapes.
Zonin Prosecco Special Cuvee Venezie
Slightly off-dry with inviting flowery and fruity notes and freshness on the palate. An excellent aperitif, it can also be served throughout the meal -including dessert – as long as the dishes are not too strongly flavoured.
Zonin, Prosecco Special Cuvee Brut
Bright pale straw-yellow colour; a fine, clear mousse with a very delicate perlage. Attractively intense nose; very fruity and aromatic, with hints of wisteria flowers and Rennet apples. Very well-balanced and appealing flavour, with the extremely delicate almond taste.
Imported by Aspri Spirits Pvt Ltd
ZARDETTO near Veneto is one of the leading Prosecco sparkling production houses located in Conegliano Italy, in the heart of the traditional vineyard appellation.
Zardetto Prosecco Vsaq Brut
Lively perlage (strands of tiny bubbles). Aromas characterized by intense bouquet of citrus fruit and apples. The fine perlage ensures a persistent taste which is clean on the
palate, making it a very attractive sparkling wine.
Zardetto Private Cuvee Spumante Brut
This sparkling cannot be classified a Prosecco as it is made from a selection of grapes only partly from Conegliano and the Glera variety. (Glera 30%, Muscat 15%, Chardonnay 30%, other varieties in Conegliano’ s hills 25%) Characterized by a flowery bouquet and fresh aromas, it is elegant and refined, with structure.
Imported by FineWinesnMore
VALDO is one of the historic Valdobbiadene producers owned by the Bolla family. It is one of the larger Prosecco family owned producers with a wide range of Prosecco DOCG labels, currently producing around 15% of the total Prosecco DOCG production and exporting to over 30 countries.
Valdo Prosecco Extra dry Treviso DOC
Prosecco DOC sparkling wine obtained from grapes coming from the Province of Treviso. Clean-cut character and personality with harmonious, sapid and aromatic flavour
Valdo Marco d’Oro Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superior Extra dry DOCG
Fruity aroma with scents of wild apple, Golden apple, acacia flowers and honey. Fresh with a slightly sweet aftertaste and extra fine persistent perlage
Valdo Cuvee di Boj Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superior Brut DOCG
Fine and fruity aroma ranging from floral to green apple scents, and bright and harmonious with an agreeably sweet aftertaste.
Santa Margherita Prosecco Extra Dry DOC
The wine’s bright colour and inviting, faintly citrus-like fragrance gives a suggestion of the attractive freshness and fruitiness that one finds on the palate. Its delicate, fine mousse makes it ideal to accompany a variety of dishes.
Imported by Amfora Wine & Foods

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