Some facts about Indian wine consumption


Did you know that 41% of the wine consumed in India is drunk in west India followed by the north at 29%. Or that the wine market is expected to grow to 8.3 million litres by 2010? Nearly 80 per cent of wine sales are accounted for by the major cities, especially New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune and Bangalore. And even more interesting, 63% of the volume sales takes place through five-star hotels, pubs, bars and restaurants.


  1. Hi,
    I would like to know more about the growth of India wine industry & am intrested in knowing what is required to have a set up to make wine.

  2. Hi Venu,
    I would sugggest that you browse the blog to learn more about the wine industry and subscribe to the print publication too. If you click on the “wineindustry” tag at the bottom of the front page of the blog, you’ll get all the articles related to it.

  3. Hello to you all!
    I am very happy to have found this site and hope to learn much about Indian Wine Culture.
    We are a liquor sales business located in Melbourne Australia where there is a large Indian population. Soon I will be more familar with their popular drinks thanks to your articles. Many thanks.
    Cheers for now,
    Joan Kamaru
    Sly Grog Club

  4. I was out at the Trattoria the other night and i tried the Landing Down Shiraz, surprisingly it felt like it tasted incomplete when compared to the Grover or Sula Shiraz i have on and off.
    Wonder if its meant to be like that or they just send shoddy wines this way!

  5. hi,
    i am keenly interested in knowing about french wine in india what all challenges the french company is facing internally as well as with other countries who are eyeing in india. I want to get more details relaiting to the quality of french wines compared to other competitors and also different types of wines which are most prefered in india

  6. Hi,
    The website is gr8. I would like to know abt wine consumption in India in details. I need it for my project.

  7. Hi Binoy
    I am working in the Wine Industry in west since last two years, there are many factors to learn about the French wines. The most important is to know the region of France once you master it it is very easy to understand about the wine structure in France. But India I am not sure, due to the drastically change in the Climate conditions every year it will be difficult for India to produce appealing wines for example Chile beautiful climate clean remote area for wine growth. But India it is really difficult all depends on the soil and climate.

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