So good, Sowine from EuroCave now in India

sowinebar1.jpg So you have a half finished bottle of wine. It’s one of your favourite wines and you’d like to keep it for a couple of days to drink later. Well, now you can.With Sowine, EuroCave’s latest home wine bar, you can keep opened bottles for up to 10 days in good condition.

Sowine preserves the wine by automatically removing any air from the storage compartment to protect the bottles from oxidation.
Moreover, it has two separate compartments for white and red wine that can be set to the temperature best suited to the type of wine.
This sophisticated refrigerated wine bar with its modern design combining metal and transparent materials allows you to bring two bottles of wine to the ideal serving temperature and then store any left over wine. Ideal for home use, as well as hotels restaurants and bars, Sowine fits right into your kitchen, study or office.
Reflecting the trend towards less comsumption of alcohol, Sowine is so good it allows you to enjoy wine at your own pace over several days and always at the right temperature.
For price and availability in India, contact Mr Manoj JAYAPRAKASH Email:;M: +91 98 2034 1450;Tel : +91 22 2623 7800

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  1. Avininder Singh on

    Dear Ed., an excellent device. I checked out the technicals, yesterday, and everything measures up. The real issue is PRICE – at RS.40,000/- apiece (inclusive Taxes) ex Mumbai it is very much in the LUXURY bracket for Individual consumers. Stand-Alone Restaurants may be interested.
    Their service was super efficient – I got a response within half an hour of my enquiry.

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