Simple Facts about Wine in Spain

spain_map1a.jpg Did you know that 15.5% of the world’s vineyards are in Spain, making Spain the number one ranked country in the world in terms of area covered by vineyards? However, Spanish vineyards have a low yield meaning that Spain is only a third in production behind France and Italy. And even though most of Spain’s wine is red, 61.5% of Spain’s vineyards are white.

This is because Spain also makes a lot of brandy and sherry. The main red grape varieties are Tempranillo, Bobal, Garnacha and Monastrell while the white varieties include irén, Macabeo, Palomino & Pedro Ximenez.
A few other facts about Spain – The most densely planted vineyards in Spain are in La Rioja. 56.2% of Spanish wine is designated as a ‘quality wine’ (VCPRD – Vino de Calidad Producido en una Región Determinada or ‘Quality Wine Produced in a Determined Region’). And over one third of Spanish wine is exported with the top countries buying being UK, Germany and USA.
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