September 21 – International Grenache Day


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Sept. 21- Sommelier India marked International Grenache Day with a private celebration of this marvellously versatile grape that produces such a range of wonderful wines, but has never quite received the recognition that it deserves – until recently, writes Reva K. Singh.

Grenache or garnacha as it’s called in Spain forms an integral part of many wines. However, since it was not common to name the grapes in a blend at one time, so it often went unnoticed. It’s changing now and Grenache is finally coming into its own, helped not a little by champions of the varietal such as Nicole Rolet of Chêne Bleu, who organised the first major Symposium on Grenache at her fabulous boutique wine estate, La Verrierre, in the south of France.
I was in Catalonia, Spain, recently and tasted the wonderful wines of Priorat that are such rising stars in the international wine firmament. Garnacha along with Cariñena forms the backbone of these wines, which is one reason why they pair so well with food. Other wines that contain the grape include Cotes-du-Rhone, Chateauneuf-du-Pape and most rosés. Grenache is now planted in many parts of the world.
International Grenache Day is being celebrated in different ways all around the world. The Grenache Association. of which Nicole is co-founder, is encouraging people to “wear colourful clothing or join in the conversation on Twitter, #GrenacheDay” besides drinking a glass or two of Grenache.
So with this, SI joins all International Grenachistas – fans of Grenache – to raise a toast to our favourite varietal and its wines, from which we derive so much pleasure.
Read “The Shifting Fortunes of Grenache” by Michael Fridjhon in the October-November 2013 issue of SI

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