Seeking an Importer


Palamita.jpegFrancesca Ganguzza is the owner of a Sicilian winery of the same name. It is a small company that goes back five generations working hard to produce grapes and wines of high quality. They make a pure Catarratto white IGP wine called “Palamita”, and are looking for an importer in India.

According to the email received, this handcrafted quality wine is a golden-yellow colour with an intense fruity and floral taste which gives the wine its elegance and aromatic freshness. The established cultivation techniques include working by hand with a delayed harvest.
“Modern and careful winemaking techniques have allowed us to obtain a wine that can satisfy the palate of those who search persistent taste sensations,” writes Francesca Ganguzza. “The amount of the wine is limited because the entire production comes exclusively from our vineyards.”
PALAMITA white wine Catarratto IGP,Terre Siicilian, costs €4 for a 750 ml bottle.
Web: We have no firsthand information about the company except what we received via email.

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