Sangrias in a bottle!

Group of Bottle_1r.jpgNeon lights, new-age techno music… Young, hip silhouettes moving to the beat while others hold on to colourful bottles from which they take a swig every now and then. Remarkably, these aren’t your regular bottles of beer or fruity breezers but wine sangrias. Ashwin Deo, the founder of Trinity Vintners Pvt Ltd, recently launched Turning Point Sangria in keeping with the overall brand promise of making wines “young, approachable and fun”. SI correspondent, Suneeta Sodhi Kanga reports.

Trinity Vintners started its operations in 2011 with the launch of Turning Point and JLT range of wines. The company has always wanted to introduce wine that is fun to drink, has less snob value attached to it and can be enjoyed for what it really is! “With Turning Point wines, it’s about wine and mood rather than wine and food!” says Ashwin.
Deo’s passion is backed by logic, which stems from the fact that urban and uber cool, young and even the not-so-young Indians aren’t indulging in long, sit-down dinners while sipping fine and rare wine. They would rather indulge in pre-dinner drinking that usually ends in a quick buffet-styled dinner.
This is largely the norm now even in cities that are blessed with more space than the crowded metros. Trying to educate Indians about pairing spicy Indian food with wine may be a challenge. However, Deo believes that wine should be able to fit into everybody’s lifestyle and not just remain a drink for people living the high life.
Turning Point ready-to-drink Sangrias are available in two variants – Metropolitan (cranberry and orange) and Nashik Mule (orange and ginger ale). Packaged in brightly coloured 330 ml packs, these Sangrias can be enjoyed straight from the bottle or in a glass with ice and some chopped fruit.
Initially launched in Maharashtra across leading retail stores, restaurants, lounge bars and night clubs, Turning Point sangrias are priced at Rs 135 and will soon be made available in other states.
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