Reveilo launches the first indigenously made Sangiovese


sangio.jpgJune 4, 2011: After the successful launch of Grillo and Nero D’Avola in 2010, Reveilo completed its Italian trilogy this year with the launch of Sangiovese. Reveilo’s Yatin Patil, his wife, Kiran and winemaker Andrea Valentinuzzi launched this wine at Escobar in Bandra, Mumbai last week. Suneeta Sodhi Kanga from Sommelier India was present. Pictured: Kiran Patil, winemaker Andrea Valentinuzzi, and Yatin Patil

Sangiovese is an intense ruby coloured wine with aromas of raspberry, cherry and spice, the palate is soft and fruity with finely textured tannins and well balanced acidity giving the wine a rounded and lingering taste. This red powerhouse grape of Tuscany is grown mostly in Central Italy right from Romagna down to Lazio, Campania and Sicily. It is the main component to make Chianti (85% of Chianti is Sangiovese). This dominant Italian grape makes delicate and expressive wines of strong character.
Reveilo Wines, the label from Vintage Wines, has its winery and vineyards in the wine corridor of Nashik. With the introduction of the Italian trio, Vintage Wines has become the only company in India to produce wines from Italian grapes carving out a niche of its own.
Kiran and Yatin Patil were motivated to plant these varietals because they wanted to provide the Indian consumer with an authentic Italian experience. “The choice of these grapes essentially emanated from our personal liking of the varietals,” the couple said.
Editor’s Note: Sangiovese is grown all over Italy but especially in Tuscany where it is the backbone of Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino. Tuscan Sangiovese is characterised by its flavour of tart cherries, often complemented by a bouquet of herbs and a whiff of dust. In the mouth, the cherry tartness is underscored by acidity which in traditionally made Chiantis is balanced with fully ripe fruit, slightly prickly tannins and integrated oak, The oak from large wooden casks recalls wet wood rather than new wood.
The modern style of Sangiovese evokes darker fruit, black rather than red cherries, richer texture and lots of toasty, vanilla-flavoured oak. However, the more traditional style is most often the benchmark.
Sangiovese, in particular Chianti and high-end Brunello, can age well. After 8 or 10 years the colour changes from ruby to orange tones around the rim, with earthy notes on the nose as the cherry scent begins to fade.
I look forward to sampling Vintage Wine’s interpretation of Sangiovese produced on Indian soil. Sangiovese a native of Tuscany vies with Nebbiolo as Italy’s most regal red grape. Several Indian importers such as Amfora, Brindco and Sonarys import Sangiovese wines from Italy.

Felsina’s Berardenga Estate Fontalloro IGT 2003
, 100% Sangiovese, (imported by Amfora Wine & Foods, Delhi) won a gold medal at the Sommelier India Wine Competition (SIWC) in 2009. Light and bright, combining flavours of cherries and earth, the wine’s appetising acidity makes it ideal with food.

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