Reva Singh’s Sip of the Day: Swedish book on wine


bkwine-ett-vin-blir-till-omslag.jpgI love books almost as much I love wine. A book I’m looking forward to adding to my library is the Swedish wine book, “The Creation of a Wine”, which has won the “World’s Best Wine Book for Professionals 2010” prize in the international book competition, “Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2011”. Trouble is it’s not in English as yet!
Pictured: Cover of the Swedish edition

Written by Britt Karlsson with photography by Per Karlsson, The Creation of a Wine is an in-depth description of vineyard vine growing and winemaking in the cellar. The award ceremony took place at Folies Bergères in Paris on March 3. Britt and Per are Swedish wine journalists based in Paris and also operate a wine travel business called BKWine Tours. See
Britt explains the ideas behind the book: “The book is the result of the thousands of winemakers we have met. It explains in detail everything from the planting of a vine, to terroir, to fermentation, bottling and aging – everything on how a wine is made. But it is different in two ways from virtually all other books on the subject.
britt-karlsson-with-glass-low-res.jpg“First, we explain a lot of issues and technologies that are seldom talked about: flash pasteurisation, enzymes, vine diseases etc, and illustrate it with photos. The second thing is that we explain the complexities in winemaking – most texts simplify too much and say ‘this is the way it is!’ But that is rarely true. Making a wine has to do with nuances, philosophies, and personal choices by the winemaker.
Pictured, left: Author Britt Karlsson
“There are rarely absolute truths! We explain how the winemakers reason, and why; as an example, one producer can swear by stainless steel fermentation tanks while the neighbour is convinced that the only good choice is concrete vats. All through the book we let hundreds of winemakers explain what they do and why they do it.”

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