Reva Singh’s Sip of the Day: SI Wine Competition


glassescompetition.jpgSommelier India Wine Competition, that’s what’s next on the cards. Ever since I heard that the India Wine Challenge had been cancelled along with IFE, I have been mulling over the proposal that Sommelier India step into the breach with a wine competition of its own. As India’s only magazine dedicated to wine with a national presence it seemed the logical thing to do. So, here we are, all set to make a success of it!
Our partners are The Wine Society of India with Steven Spurrier as Chairman of the Competition. Steven’s credentials are impeccable as the architect of the Decanter World Wide Awards and Japan Wine Challenge. Considering also his familiarity with India and extensive wine tasting experience, we couldn’t do better. Watch the Sommelier India website for more details in the coming weeks and months.


  1. Carol Wright on

    Good luck with the wine competition, it sounds a great idea and even in recession year should go well.In recessions people want even more guidance on what’s good to buy.

  2. Reva K Singh on

    Thank you! We’re very excited about it.
    The Sommelier India Wine Competition (SIWC) is not restricted to Indian wines but also open to international wines available here.
    – Reva K Singh, Publisher.

  3. Miss Yegas Naidoo on

    Applause for coming on board with the SIWC under the aegis of world renowned and respected wine personality Mr Steven Spurrier. I look forward to reading about further developments and dates for the first competition. It is vital, of course, to expose the complete cross section of wines both Indian and International currently available in India.

  4. Congratualtions on the launch of the Sommelier India Wine Competition and best of luck. I am sure it will provide India’s wine lovers and learners alike with much needed information and advice regarding the variety of wines they can choose from these days.

  5. Sonal Holland on

    I believe that the time has come for India to host a credible wine competition on a fairly large scale encompassing all wines available in India, and I have no doubt that Sommelier India under your guidance and leadership will execute an event that will set many benchmarks.

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