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mobilematchers-lo1.jpgI’ve just discovered a wonderful new application for my iPhone that helps me choose a wine match wherever I may be – shopping for wine before a dinner party or dining out at a restaurant. It’s like having a personal sommelier at my beck and call!

Best of all, this new application doesn’t require a connection to the Internet and so can be used anywhere, anytime.
All I have to do is to select a dish or a wine on my iPhone and, voila! there you have it – a recommendation. As a business woman, technology allows me to do a myriad things that weren’t possible earlier. Now I’m delighted to discover a new tool that adds further to my quality of life by making a pleasurable activity easier.
Developed by Natalie MacLean whose bestseller, “Red, White and Drunk All Over”, you will remember reading about in the pages of Sommelier India, the application is called Nat Decants Drinks Matcher and works on your iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Curve. It costs only $2.99 and you can download it easily from the online stores for iPhone or BlackBerry.
“As a wine-loving geek, I love finding ways for new technology to help us savour all of life’s pleasures, wherever we are,” says MacLean.

To learn more about the application visit:

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