Rating of Indian Wines: The Red Winners

Last week Sommelier India published the ratings of the white wines from Steven Spurrier. This week the ratings of the Reds are being published. Among the Cabernet Sauvignons Vins & Vouloir 2007 came in first followed by Sula Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz 2007 and Seagrams Nine Hills 2007. Seagrams Nine Hills was the winning red at the Indian Wine Challenge. Read on for the results. spurrier1a.jpg

Below are the scores on a 20 point scale and Spurrier’s tasting notes for the red wines: 10 = bad; 11 = poor; 12 = mediocre; 13 = acceptable; 14 = fair; 15 = good; 16 = good+; 17 = very good; 18 = very good+; 19 = excellent; 20 = superb.
Vins & Vouloir 2007.
Deep black red, very good Cabernet Sauvignon nose, a big, rich wine like a modern, plummy Medoc, quite impressive. 17.
Sula Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz 2007.
Very good colour, blackcurrants on both nose and palate, nice fleshy fruit, juicy wine with nice dry finish. 16.5.
Seagrams Nine Hills 2007.
Very deep colour, good Cabernet nose, good depth of ripe fruit, good tannins, good solid wine, a little dull on the finish. 15.5
Vinsura/Sankalp Cabernet-Shiraz NV.
Good colour, nice fruity nose, a bit sweet and easy, but pleasant wine, low acidity. 15.
Grovers La Reserve 2005.
Very good colour, lots of grip but a little too earthy and too forced, lacks middle fruit. 14.5.
Reveilo/Vintage Wines Reserve 2005.
Very good colour, good Cabernet depth of fruit, rather sweet and jammy, a bit overripe. 14.5
Mercury Wines Ayraa 2007.
Good deep colour, fresh Cabernet Fruit, nice and clean but too green. 14.
Idus Cabernet-Shiraz 2006.
Good colour and nice soft fruit, simple style, finishes a bit sweet. 14.
Renaissance Cabernet Sauvignon Classique 2005.
Deep, almost black colour, rather cooked and tarry nose, hollow middle, big tannins. 13.5.
Tiger Hills 2006.
Good colour, nice soft Merlot but not going anywhere and quite high in alcohol. 14.
Sula Vineyards Dindori Super Reserve 2007 (barrel sample).
Deep black-red, good depth of spicy fruit, concentration of pure Syrah, very good wine. 17.
Sula Vineyards Dindori Reserve 2006.
Very good black-red colour, leathery nose, lots of depth and blackberry spice, quite lush but balanced, good depth and purity of expression. 16.5.
Reveilo/Vintage Wines Reserve 2005.
Very good colour and good ripe fruit, good extraction, nicely balanced but a little sweet on the finish. 15.
Mercury Wines Ex.
Very good colour, good spicy nose, a bit jammy but a good effort and nice finish. 15.
Seagrams Nine Hills 2007.
Good colour, nice blackcurranty fruit, plummy and jammy, dull finish. 14.
Renaissance Shiraz-Cabernet 2007.
Deep black-red colour, very full and plummy, even sweet, lacks grip and has too much alcohol. 14.
Sula 2007.
Deep colour, Very lush blackberry fruit with nice spicy style and good dry finish. 15.5
Vinsura/Sankalp NV.
Good colour, good blackberry fruit, pleasant, fruity, sweet and easy. 14.5.
Renaissance 2007.
Very deep colour, fully plummy and rich but a little heavy on the finish. 14


  1. Ravi Taneja on

    I am a great wine lover, having lived in Switzerland for 35 years.I have been looking for a good Indian red wine as a table wine for every day use. This would be with European food and not Indian.Would appreciate your help.
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