Putting Wine in the Skies, The Robert Parker Route


Robert Parker is recognized as probably the most formidable wine critic in the world. His opinions make or break vintages. Now not only is he going to formidable now but omnipresent too. As the San Francisco Chronicle and other newspapers have reported, Robert Parker tasting notes will be laminated onto airplane pull-down tray tables as part of a deal to sell advertising on US Airways planes.
These tasting notes will be from Robert Parker’s column in Businessweek. One can’t help but wonder whether US Airways will serve wine that is criticized on the pull out trays. Arguably, this is more a reflection of the dire financial straits that the American airline industry is in than it is of the growth of wine in America.
On a separate note, if you’re wondering what wine Virgin Airways serves in economy on its Delhi-London sector, we have the answer for you. It’s a French Vin de pays bottled by Berry Brothers & Rudd.

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  1. Amit Agarwal on

    I don’t think Indian Airlines will ever have wine tastings notes on their pull down trays. They need to start serving decent wine first.

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