Pune Wine Aficionados Discover Renaissance Wine

ren_pune3.jpg Pune city witnessed an enthusiastic gathering of wine aficionados sampling wines along with oriental food. Renaissance launched their wines (which have been getting great reviews) in Zen, the oriental restaurant in hotel Aurora Towers on this occasion. Amol Palekar, Gauri and Hemant Naiknavare and Swetta Jumaani attended the event along with several other wine enthusiasts in the city.

Currently they have four wines on their portfolio, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz -Cabernet and Cabernet Sauvignon-Classique. These wines are bottled in original Saint Gobain bottles and combine traditional methods of wine making along with modern practices to produce some excellent wines. The wines were served with various starters such as a Cheese Platter, Grissini (Italian style Bread sticks), Marinated Olives, Steamed dumpling – Chicken / Vegetable, Prawn Tempura, Honey Sesame Chicken and Deep fried mushroom caps stuffed and sprinkled with sesame seeds.
Chef Ganesh addressed the gathering and spoke about Renaissance and this was followed by dinner. Grilled Fish, Sea fish fillets marinated in Oriental herbs , Penang chicken curry with basil and coconut milk, Stir Fried Spinach, Baby Corn & Chinese Mushroom With Dry red chillies, Fresh vegetables stewed with tender almonds and water chestnuts , Eight treasure vegetable pot rice formed the perfect
accompaniment to some great tasting wines from Renaissance. The Chairman Mr. Shivaji Aher plans to add more wines in their portfolio soon.
As reported by Jyoti Balani from Pune.

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