Pune Gourmet Club, Pairing Food & Wine

pune_gourmet_club.jpg The Pune Gourmet Club (PGC) was formed in August, 2006 because as the owners explained, they felt that the average middle class Indian with a taste for gourmet food and an interest in wines was being given short shrift by the industry at large. Wine tasting was being packaged as an exotic and exclusive event. The PGC has simple membership requirements – Pune residency, a willingness to cook and an interest in wine. Membership is free.

The club has 65 members from all walks of life. Practically every month it has been organizing events. Most recently they tasted biryani with red and white wine. Prior to that it was cold platters with Sauvignon Blancs. A little while earlier they had Greek food being paired with Cabernet Sauvignon. The fact that many of the PGC members replicate the recipes and wine pairings from the events for friends and family is testimony to its success. In short, they’re a club that’s focused on good food, good wine and taking care of its members. If you’re a Pune resident, you may want to consider joining them.
Members trying their hand at the barbecue

The PGC moderator does the honours
Members enjoying their wines at an event recently.


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