Preserving your best wine so that you can enjoy drinking it over and over


model_eight_360_2 Sommelier India readers will remember reading about the Coravin system of preserving wine in the bottle, even after pouring a glass or two without removing the cork, a year or so ago. Now there is an updated version called Coravin 2, that is equally popular with wine professionals and amateur wine enthusiasts.

Known originally as the Coravin C 1000 System and introduced in 2013, the device features a needle which is inserted into the cork. As the needle is removed, an accompanying gas capsule inserts inert argon gas into the bottle, which prevents oxygen entering the bottle and causing the wine to spoil through oxidation.

The new Coravin system comes in a stylish, streamlined design in brushed metal and dark graphite. It has an improved needle compatible with the previous model which pours 20% faster and can be bought separately.

The Coravin 2 also features a new L-shaped “ProperFit Clamp” with textured grips, making it easier to squeeze and ensure a secure hold on the bottle. The new “Capsule Cup Load Cell Technology” guarantees a tight seal between the device and the gas capsule, ensuring leak-proof installation of the capsule.

Restaurants use Coravin to sell good stuff by the glass, or offer tastings without wasting a whole bottle. Since its launch, Coravin has sold more than 80,000 systems, changing the way wine is enjoyed, served and sold around the world.

The Coravin system is sold in more than 30 countries worldwide. Its recommended retail price in the UK is £279 or Rs 27,458 approx.

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