Portugal Wines come to India for trade tastings

What is being dubbed as the Biggest Portuguese Wine Tasting in India, 18 producers (including 3 of the largest) are coming to Delhi on November 10th, Goa on November 11th and Mumbai on November 13th for tastings. They will personally pour 130 different wines with Ambassador of Portugal, Mr. Luis Filipe Mendes hosting these tastings for the wine industry and the trade press. wwd_portugal1a.jpg

Portuguese wine dates back to the ancient civilizations of the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, and mostly the Romans. They also have the oldest appellation system in the world, the Doura Valley which along with the Vinho Verde region in the Northwest produce some of the world’s finest, unique and most valuable wines. Otherwise the Alentejo and Dão regions produces fruitful flavour wines, suitable for a casual wine drinker and probably wines that Indians would enjoy.
Two of the wine producing regions in Portugal are protected by UNESCO as World Heritage sites. These are the Doura Valley Wine Region and the Pico Island Wine Region. Portugal has a over 500 native grapes.The Oxford Companion to Wine describes the country as having “a treasure trove of indigenous grape varieties.” Today as a top 10 producer in the world, Portugal produces roughly 4% of the total world market. 8% of its continental land is dedicated to vineyards.
The winemakers participating include Alianca Vinhos de Portugal, Aveleda, Casa de Santa Vitoria, Casa Santos Lima, Cortes de Cima, Caves Messias, D&F Vinhos de Portugal, Dao Sul, DFJ Vinhos, Encostas de Estremoz, Henrique Jose de La Puente Sancho Uva, Jose Maria da Fonseca, Kilburn & Gomes, Manuel dos Santos Campolargo, Vidigal Wines and Wines&Winemakers.

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