Port sales boosted by new fashionable cocktails


According to The Scotsman newspaper, the Portuguese fortified wine is being used as an ingredient in cocktails such as ‘Cheeky Vimto’ – a double port mixed with a bottle of the WKD Blue alcopop.
The report said that the number of people under 35 drinking port has surged since 2001. Indeed, UK retailer Marks & Spencer said it expects port to be its second best-selling line after champagne in the run up to Christmas.

Bar owners have said that consumers are turning to port because of its rich flavor. And with young celebrities such as Welsh singer Charlotte Church openly endorsing port, the popularity of the sweet tipple looks set grow.
“If I’m home, I’ll start with a Cheeky Vimto…It tastes just like Vimto or Ribena. They’re lethal,” said Church in an interview with The Telegraph.
Source: Datamonitor Newswire

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