PASSING THROUGH: Andrea Landozzi of Piccini Wines

Andrea of Piccini.jpgWhat would you expect from a 131-year-old, family-run wine estate from the Chainti Classico region of Italy? Chianti, definitely, or a Super Tuscan perhaps? But certainly not a wine made from grapes culled from vineyards located in as diverse regions as Abruzzo, Veneto, Puglia and Sicily. Well, when it comes to taking bold decisions and bucking trends, the Piccini family has done it all, writes Soni Sangwan. Their latest offering – Memoro – is a tribute to 150 years of the Italian Union, encompassing fruits from all over the country. Pictured: Export Manager Andrea Landozzi with a bottle of Memoro at the Nero Bar, Le Meridien, New Delhi

Recently introduced to the world and available in India, Memoro is a blend of Primitivo, Montepulciani, Nero d’Avola and Merlot. With this lineage, it can truly be called an “Italian cuvée”.
The label of the bottle says everything about the philosophy behind Memoro. The compass rose is an invitation to experience in one bottle four different grape varietals, each a typical expression of a distinct Italian region. “We wanted to create a wine that would not only taste Italian beyond any doubt, but would also feel Italian,” explains Andrea Landozzi, Export Manager for Piccini.
The result is a wine that has good fruit concentration from the Primitivo, some oak from the Montepulciano which is aged for 12 months, full-bodied from the Merlot and the Nero d’Avola, but with a long, smooth, elegant finish. Memoro has none of the heavy, dry tannins that some of the old-world wines have.
The best part about Memoro is its cost. In a country where regional denominations are rigid and jealously guarded, Piccini has taken the bold step of bypassing the denominations for their latest product. Instead of getting bogged down with the paperwork – and costs – involved in getting an appellation for their new wine, they have taken advantage of the Vino d’Italia appellation that is available to all former “table wines” made in Italy. By doing so, they were free to use grapes from different regions to create Memoro, a fitting tribute to the wine heritage of the entire country.
Taking bold decisions and risks is something that the Piccini family is used to. In 2000, by launching their flagship Chianti with an Orange label, they were telling the world that here is a modern Chianti of the 21st century. The colour orange has come to symbolise what the fourth generation of the Piccini family stands for – energy, youth and passion. The Piccini Chianti DOCG is today the most distributed Chianti in the world. Piccini is also the first wine estate to come up with a Sangiovese Rosé and a 100 per cent Chardonnay in the Chianti Classico region.

Piccini Wines are imported to India by Prestige Wines and Spirits Pvt Ltd.

Piccini wines available in India with Delhi retail prices
1. Piccini Chianti Classico DOCG (2007) @ Rs 2,500
2. Piccini Brunello de Montalcino DOCG (2006) @ Rs 5,300
3. Piccini Chianti Reserva DOCG (2007) @ Rs 1,900
4. Piccini Sasso AL Poggio Toscana IGT (Super Tuscan) (2004) @ Rs 3,750
5. Piccini Orvieto (2010) @ Rs 1,350
6. Piccini Chianti DOCG (2010) @ Rs 1,700
7. Piccini Nero d’Avola Sicillia IGT (2010) @ Rs 1,350
8. Piccini Bianco Toscana IGT (2010) @ Rs 1,190
9. Piccini Prosecco Extra Dry Sparkling DOCG @ Rs 1975
10. Piccini Memoro Vino Rosso d’Italia @ Rs 1,500

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