America’s favourite tipple

A small but significant change has come about in Americans’ drinking habits – wine has overtaken beer as the nation’s favourite alcoholic drink. The annual Gallup Consumption Habits poll in the US says that 39%…

The Wine Society hosts Dr Ariff Jamal

Dr Ariff Jamal, Chief Wine Maker and Export Director of Albert Bichot from Burgundy joint The Wine Society for an educational evening onwines in general and Albert Bichot’s Burgundy collection. The event was held at…

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Americans Prefer Wine to Beer

Wine is America’s new favorite alcoholic beverage, according to a new poll from Gallup, tying beer in a statistical dead heat and easily beating liquor. Wine took the lead largely because it’s being increasingly enjoyed…

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Wine to reach space

A Russian cosmonaut has called for a small daily wine allowance to be granted on the International Space Station to ease the stress. Alcohol is currently banned in the Space Station.

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Wine Software Available Online

Vintage Manager lets you manage your wine inventory and share reviews and ratings with other wine enthusiasts. The recently launched web version follows on the success of the popular Vintage Manager desktop application. More information…