Oxygen does not affect wine

Oxygen plays no important part in the ageing of bottled wine, an Australian study has found. The studies found that the evolution and maturation of wine would be accelerated with small but measurable amounts of…

Is wine food?

French vintners are seeking an end to advertising restrictions as part of an effort to build sales. They are working towards convincing the nation that wine is a food with nutritional value.

Indian Wine News
Dom Pérignon dazzles

Wine connoisseurs in India can now enjoy Dom Pérignon Vintage 1996, recently introduced by Moet Hennessy India. “Dazzling, absolutely dazzling!” was what Dom Pérignon’s Chef de Cave (Head of the Cellar) said when he first…

Baptizing Wine

Your choice of wine and how you drink it is a matter of personal taste. This is what the French-born, English writer, Hillaire Belloc, had to say, “All – or nearly all – Red wine…

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